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Been doing makeup and hair for my friends and family for the last 3 weeks. Doing up the hair is a challenging part for me, however there are very trusting friends who are willing to experiment on them.

One of the toughest thing for me is to understand the texture of the client’s hair, how to adjust the temperature of the curling tong, at the same time achieve the curls that I want! Do spritz water on the hair before curling 860_updo-bridal-hair-styles(especially for rebonded hair) to prevent dryness. You might see and smell smoke *gasp* if your hair gets overheated! A hair stylist friend told me not to apply mouse before curling as it would damage the hair. However, in most of the classic bridal hair, this is necessary to hold the curl for the whole day. You can try applying a heat protection cream before curling. Another option is to spray hair spray after curling.

 Another skill set to develop for hair styling is to know how to section the hair. Top, middle, bottom, sides and front sections affect the volume that you want to create. If you want to try it out for yourself, try section the back of your hair to top and bottom portion. There are plenty of videos online. Check out You Tube for more! I picked up a couple of tricks from there.   20051122_sim_o05_739.jpg