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My selection of nail colours for the wedding.

Initially I want to go for the usual French manicure for my wedding, instead I did my own nails. During first nail session before my studio shoot, the manicurist suggested a pearl white colour.The  strong lightings made my nails (colour) looked washed-out in the photos. So for your shoot, I suggest a deeper colour and not too glittery colour. On your actual wedding day, go for a colour that matches your gown. My morning gown was ivory and evening was a golden orange long-train gown. So I settled for Elegance (centre in photo), a shimmery peach colour which completed my soft and romantic look for day and night. img_1283


The moral of the story is….

1. Wax yourself if necessary… if not put on some clothes please.

2.Overly long nails are not sexy

3. Wash your hair

Photos are extracted from Yahoo Images

Finally! I found a matching coloured nail polish! Copper! I am a rather tan person and this colour suits me best.

Nail polish is a accessory to the body. Match a complimentary nail colour to that of your dress. For instance, if you are wearing a champagne dress, you can opt for a copper nail polish for sophistication. Both colours have a warm yellow tone. Remember to visit your manicurist regularly for that trim and polish. Never go out with chipped nails and fading polish. If you have nail polish on the fingers, do make the effort to fill up the toe nails as well.

If you do apply nail polish very often, do check for fungus on your fingers and toenails after removing your polish. Preferbably let your nails breathe once in a while by going “naked” by doing only nail buffing in order to prevent them from turning yellow.

Do not bite your nails in front of everyone. It shows that you are nervous or simply bad hygiene.